Monday, November 13, 2006

Mondello Gets Backing to be New York State GOP Boss

The Albany Times-Union is reporting that Mondello has the support of out-going Chairman (and complete failure) Minarik and State Senate Majority Leader Bruno.

Minarik/Bruno Formally Back Mondello
November 13, 2006 at 11:46 am by Elizabeth Benjamin
State GOP Chairman Stephen Minarik and Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, R-Brunswick, have released a joint statement formally announcing their support of Nassau County GOP Chairman Joseph Mondello as Minarik’s replacement at 315 State Street (where
Web site updating has clearly not been a top priority since Nov. 7).
Bruno praised Minarik’s work in the chairman’s post since 2004, and said: “We could not have maintained our Republican majority in the state Senate without him.”
Minarik said he is leaving with “mixed emotions,” but knows the party will be “in good hands.”
As for Mondello, Bruno said that “no one is better suited” to lead the party’s rebuilding effort.
“He has lead the Republican Party in Nassau County for over two decades, he is a strong leader with tremendous ability to organize and energize the party in good years and in tough ones,” Bruno said.
“Joe Mondello is clearly the best person to lead the rebuilding of the Republican Party in New York State, to help strengthen our majority in the Senate, add seats in the Assembly, take back seats in Congress and win races at the local level throughout the state.”
Bruno’s selection of Mondello - which is not a done deal and won’t be until the GOP state committee members get together and vote on Nov. 30 - is being viewed in certain circles as a move by the senator to insulate himself from a potential power grab by state Sen.
Dean Skelos, a Nassau County Republican who has long coveted the majority leader’s job.
Skelos, I’m told, isn’t even in the state - he’s relaxing in St. Martin and wasn’t planning any immediate coups.
Making Mondello state chairman could also be seen as a win for former U.S. Sen. Alfonse D’Amato, another Long Island Republican.



Let's put it this way, Bruno only mentioned the Mondello has led Nassau for 2 decades, he didn't mention his record.

Had he done so, he would have noted that upon taking over from his predecessor, the Nassau GOP held 87% of all elected offices in Nassau County. Today that number is less than half, and out of all judgeships - including Surrogate - the Republicans hold less than half. That's some record ain't it!

And, had Bruno looked, he would have noticed that Mondello's term as a public official is marked by tax hikes, spending increases, patronage abuses, cronyism, pay-to-play, favortism and earmarked spending for every dubious applicant with a sob story to boot.

If the best "leader" the state GOP has is a guy like Mondello, then the end isn't coming to the State Party yet, it's arrived!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with gop reformer more. I was certainly scratching my head when I read about it Newsday but hey, as a Democrat, this is great news. The only part of Nassau County left in Republican control is the Town of Hempstead which will flip Democratic eventually as voters turn against rising taxes every year.

Mondello's record is mediocre at best. He's done nothing to develop new young leaders in Nassau and he's sat idly by while Democrats have taken advantage of the Republicans atrophy. It says a lot about the state of the Republicans in New York when they nominate a 20 year party machine hack with little to show for in terms of success.

Chalk up another victory for the Democrats from the '06 elections!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous forgets that the Town of Oyster Bay is completely in the GOP's hands. All council members and all elected officials, not just TOH.

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