Monday, November 27, 2006

More County GOP Chairs Oppose Mondello

From Capital News 9 "....But, a number of county chairs raised objections, citing Mondello's reluctance to give up his Nassau County post if he were to win the state party position.

“We really need a full-time state chairman, somebody who is going to be able to travel the state to help rebuild the party and get us built up for our local elections, the next cycle. And, we're always looking to the next cycle, '08, as well,” Wayne County GOP Chair Dan Olson said.
“This party, the republican party in New York, is in the deep wilderness now. And, it needs to have good leadership to get out of the wilderness. New York State needs to have a strong republican party,” former senatorial candidate Ed Cox said.

"Those challenging Bruno's choice decided to throw their support to former Onondaga County chair Bob Smith. Smith said the party is in desperate need of rebuilding—a rebuilding based on a return to its core beliefs.

“There are some things worth losing for. Our losses in this last campaign weren't worth losing because what we lost was our identity. We need to reestablish that. The grassroots in this state, grassroots republicans, are solid. They know where they're at. We have to put them back in power in the party and reestablish our position,” former Onondaga County GOP Chair Bob Smith said.

However, within a matter of hours, the Smith candidacy was withdrawn, and the challenge was dropped. The chairs said Joseph Bruno was putting pressure on republican leaders statewide that would keep their short-lived insurgency from succeeding.

The New York State Republican Committee meets on Thursday to formally vote on the party chairmanship."

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