Sunday, November 26, 2006

Conservative Newsday Columnist Comes Out Against Mondello

Raymond Keating says Mondello is the wrong guy..."Republican Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R-Bruns-wick) has turned to Mondello to get things on the right track. But Mondello's record offers little evidence that he can turn the party around.
After all, the Nassau County Republican Party was a nationally recognized political machine when Mondello took the helm in 1983. But in recent times it has crashed and burned into a smoldering political mess. For example, Nassau Republicans have lost control of the county legislature, the executive seat, the district attorney's office, the comptroller's job and the assessor's position, as well as the North Hempstead Town Board and a congressional seat.
Yet, somehow the New York Republican brain trust figures that the best man to lead the state party out of the wilderness is the same person who played a key role in Nassau Republicans' losses. Does this really make sense to anyone outside of the political bunker where the New York Republicans apparently are hunkered down?"

I will once again say that I support Joe Mondello for State GOP Chair.
He did it in Nassau and he can do it in State-wide.

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