Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Song Remains the Same

With the Presiding Officer imbroglio only over a few weeks, republicans are now trying to "shame" Democrats into voting for what they want.
In a Public Works Commitee fracas reported by Newsday on Feb 28th, Leg. Edward Mangano (R-Bethpage) said "It's not that you're going against the administration, it's that you're doing your job."
So in order for Democrats to "do their job", they HAVE to vote against proposals by CE Suozzi. This is the only way to "prove" they are independent.
It's not enough that the Democrats agree with a proposal, it's what republicans want what they can't have; ways to defeat plans they don't like
How absurd.
Just because the Democrats agree with the party leader, doesn't mean they aren't doing thier jobs
Maybe Mangano or one of the other brave, independent, reform-minded republicans can just once vote outside of their caucus. It seems Ed and his buddies just vote what ever way Peter Schmitt wants them too. According to Manganos logic, he and his gang aren't "doing thier jobs."
We saw that during the Presiding Officer fiasco where republicans would be told how to vote to get more power even if it meant voting for Democrat Roger Corbin. Republicans do as they are told. No breaking ranks to "do thier job."

Republican spokesman Ed "$89,000 a year part-time" Ward told Newsday "There's no changes. This is what happened before."

What, that Democrats vote they want to and they want to vote for Suozzi's proposals?
What a wacky notion.

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