Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mondello Chairmanship Faces Alot of Republican Criticism

With Mondellos reputation of losses, this is hardly a suprise.
We of course reiterate our whole-herated support for Modello and his bid to be NYS GOP boss.

From the NYSun "Some Republican county leaders around the state say they are uncomfortable with Mr. Bruno's choice of Joseph Mondello to run the party's headquarters in Albany, and they are criticizing the Senate leader for not consulting them before announcing his support for Mr. Mondello.
While the unrest among Republicans at this point is not seen as a serious threat to Mr. Mondello's bid to become state chairman, the complaints against Mr. Mondello are proving to be the first real test of Mr. Bruno's ability to dictate the direction of the state party since he emerged on Election Day as the one surviving Republican force in Albany.

"Still, a number of Republicans are questioning the wisdom of choosing as its state chairman a leader of a county that has come to symbolize the Republican Party's implosion in New York. Under Mr. Mondello's watch, Nassau Republicans have lost control of the county executive and district attorney offices and the county legislature, as Republican enrollment has stagnated.
Republicans say they are also concerned that Mr. Mondello is refusing to give up his post as county chairman if he's elevated to the top party position. One of the major criticisms of the outgoing state party chairman,
Stephen Minarik, who also doubled as a county party chairman, was that he failed because his local work took greater priority than his work as state chairman."

From republican blog Musings of a New York College Republican "They said Bill Weld would be our nominee, too
The Sun is reporting increased resistance to the efforts by L'Establishment to shove Joe Mondello down the throats of the remnants of the NYGOP. Thank God. Onondaga Chairman Bob Smith had this to say of the cinematic magic being attempted by Albany:
"Somebody in Albany says they've made a decision, we're going to write a script and hand it to you," Mr. Smith said. "I'm not sure we're going to let that happen."

NYCR operatives across the state report increasing resistance to the move, as more and more chairmen have been apprised of the decay that the Nassau GOP has experienced under Mondello's watch. Concern is also growing over speculation that Mondello will pull a Minarik and refuse to step down as the Nassau GOP chairman. Let's face it: we don't need another part-time chairman, and that's what Joe Mondello would be.Just remember: there was a time when these thinkers who constitute the Establishment said that Jeanine Pirro would be our nominee for US Senate. They said it was unthinkable to imagine anyone besides Bill Weld getting the gubernatorial nomination. And now, they say we're powerless to determine who gets installed as our next party chairman. With courage and determination, we can keep their losing streak going. Call your county chairman today, and tell them that if you want Joe Mondello to be your chairman, you'll move to Nassau County.

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