Friday, February 17, 2006

Newsday Letter

Legislature flap Mondello's fault
Regarding the letter to your paper from Nassau Republican chairman Joseph Mondello: Does he really believe the people of the county think he has nothing to do with the recent legislative mess ["Don't blame the Legislature," Letters, Feb. 9]? A political move such as the one that stalled the legislature could not have been made without his consent.
He leads the Nassau GOP, and when his party could not win a majority, it was time for plan B. Lure two susceptible Democratic legislators with the promise of money and power, much like the serpent luring a susceptible Eve with the apple, and then sit back or slither away and see what happens. You win either way. If the other Democrats allowed the deal with Roger Corbin to go through, Mondello would have had control of the legislature - albeit tacitly.
Shame on Mondello for the problems he's caused, for the thousands of our tax dollars wasted and for thinking we were stupid enough to believe he had nothing to do with it.
Tom Cappiello

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Anonymous said...

What is the matter Johnny, don't have anything to write about? Newsday isn't giving you any material? Oh yeah they are busy covering Suozzi's embarassing primary bid. It is funny how quiet your pathetic blogs get when you don't have anything to cut and paste. Why don't you write about the new Parks Commissioner, oh no wait you can't do that, you're a Democrat wannabe hack