Wednesday, October 04, 2006

From Our Neighbors in Suffolk

Yes this is Nassau GOP Watch but this stroy needs to be told...

"During an ad for John Flanagan (NY Senate district 2), the narrator has a complete non sequitur about golfing, during which she says "Huge, I have a huge handicap" and laughs.
This is significant because, as I'm sure you know, Flanagan is running against Brooke Ellison, a national advocate for the disabled. She's been paralyzed since she was hit by a car at 11. Brooke is extremely accomplished: she graduated magna cum Laude from Harvard in 2000 (and the Kennedy school in '05). She's been on the Today Show and in the NYT. Christopher Reeve's last project was directing The Brooke Ellison Story.
You can see the full ad here:
Chris Stoller from MyDD went to school with her, and did a great post about it:"

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