Thursday, May 04, 2006

State Senators on the Run

from George Pataki.
The Albany Times-Union reports that pollster Frank Luntz is telling state senators that Gov. Pataki is radioactive in this years election. The republicans state-wide are afraid that the state senate will change hands and they are doing whatever they can to save thier skins. Locally, Nassau pols like Balboni opted out of a higher office run (Attorney General) because Majority Leader Sen. Joe Bruno needs all hands on deck to keep control.
From the Albany Times-Union "According to someone who was in the room, Luntz, who has been advising the Senate Republicans for over a year now, provided the majority conference with results from a recent poll on the state budget fight.
As it turns out, this source said, voters are overwhelmingly not in Pataki’s corner, even in strong GOP districts, and the spread in the Senate Republicans’ favor in key swing districts (think Sen. Nick Spano’s Westchester County seat, or Sen. Joseph Robach’s Monroe County seat) is even wider."

We guess these pictures won't be in campaign literature this year...

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