Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What Republican Wants to Give School Budget Control to Albany?

Joe Saladino does.

In his News12 debate with Democrat Craig Heller, Saladino says he wants to give control of YOUR school budget to Albany.
The same Albany lawmakers that can barely get a budget in on time and has run up a huge debt.
This means in YOUR school district, funding will be determined by lawmakers from outside the disrict that know nothing about the schools needs.

I know I don't want people from Monroe or Erie County deciding what is best for my kids school and I'm pretty sure they don't want Joe Saladino deciding how their schools should be run.

We can do better than Saladino.
We NEED to do better than Saladino.

We need Craig Heller who wants REAL school funding reform and wants to lower your taxes, not hand over control of your schools to Albany.

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Anonymous said...

Heller is the one to tackle this complex problem of school funding and the state aid formula. Unlike Saladino, he understands the issues on this matter.

GO HELLER! It would be nice to have an Assemblyman that I could respect.