Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nassau GOP Losing Voter Edge

From year to year, the republicans are losing the wide gap they used to have in Nassau County. According to Newsday's Spin Cycle site ,
"Democrats are closing the registration gap in Nassau County, once a Republican stronghold.

Since March 1, 6,925 new Democrats have registered to vote in Nassau compared with 3,658 Republicans, according to Democratic elections commissioner William Biamonte. In that period, 5,225 new voters registered but did not enroll in any political party.
That brings the total number of registered Republicans to 331,280 compared with 300,063 Democrats and 177,780 unaffiliated voters.
If this trend continues, "we're moving towards being a Democratic county," Biamonte said. He declined to predict a time frame, but added, "Hopefully not that long."
- Celeste Hadrick on Long Island"

It's still a 31,000 voter gap but his is as close as it has ever been.
Democrats Tom Suozzi, Comptroller Harvey Weitzman, DA Kathleen Rice and Assesor Harvey Levinson all won county-wide.
The large number of unaffiliated voters means it's going to be harder to gauge how the voters are going to cast their votes. Whoever gets the majority of unaffiliated voters are the ones who will control Nassau.

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