Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ed Ward Follies - American Idol Edition

Sixteen year old Kevin Covais of Levitown is a contestant on the FOX show American Idol. It's nice to see a Nassau County teen doing well and getting the attention for his talent he deserves.
Getting into the spirit to support Kevin in his quest to be the the next winner of American Idol, County Executive Tom Suozzi sent an e-mail to county employees to ask them to call the show and vote for Kevin.
According to Newsday, Suozzi wrote "Kevin's father is a retired captain from the Sheriff's Department and his uncle is currently a police officer in the Third Precinct. Your support for Kevin would be greatly appreciated. Let's show the world that Nassau County residents are the best. Go Kevin!"
Great idea right?
Rally the county employees to help Kevin win.

Enter republican legislative spokesman Ed "89,000/year part-time" Ward.

Ward pipes up and says "Is this a legitimate use of taxpayers' money when he's e-mailing all county employees to rig a national election on a television show? Has he nothing better to do?"

Did everyone else just get a headache??
What exactly is the surcharge per e-mail Suozzi sent?

Why there isn't one of course. The e-mail which probably took a minute or two to type and send to "ALL" really didn't cost the county a dime... or even a penny.

And "rigging a national election?????"
What exactly is wrong with Ward?
How is rallying county employees to support Kevin Covais rigging anything???

Suozzi Spokesman Ian Siegel says to Ward "Lighten up. This isn't Watergate. It's just 'American Idol."

Kevin Covais is making us proud and getting him more support is something "better to do."

Friends and family are rallying support for him and according to Newsday, "Pat Gentile, a construction worker and fan who lives down the street, fired up his blue truck and spent hours Saturday putting up posters throughout Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens, urging people to vote for Covais. Gentile and his wife, Patty, also had a party Sunday for about 60 Covais supporters and friends, and on Monday he was back in his truck putting up more posters."Kevin is a decent kid in school," said Gentile. "Kevin does not need 'American Idol' as much as our country needs Kevin as an American idol. He is everything decent and fair."

Tune in to FOX Ch. 5 Wednesday at 9pm and help Kevin by voting for him.

And if you feel like it, call Ed Ward at (516) 571-6212 and ask him why he wants to politicize American Idol.

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A Christian Prophet said...

The Holy Spirit's message over on the Christian Prophecy blog says that miracles are possible and even mentions Kevin specifically.