Monday, November 03, 2008

Handing Out Taxpayer Funded Mailer with Campaign Handouts? That's Our Joe Saladino

Assemblyman Joe Saladino is having a banner day here at Nassau GOP Watch.
Tonight he was at the Waldbaums on Hicksville Road in Massapequa around 630pm "greeting" shoppers as they entered and exited the supermarket. He was handing out his little camapaign flier asking for votes on 'Row B'. He was also handing out another piece of paper which turns out to be a taxpayer funded mailer.
Saladino is using taxpayer money to fund his re-election. Using those mailers paid for with YOUR money to campaign is a new low.
Why does Saladino think he can get away with this misuse of taxpayer money?
Who exactly does Saladino think he is?
The 12th Assembly District is overwhelmingly republican so maybe he thinks it's the Wild West and he can do whatever he wants.
Kurt Ludwig the former Commissioner for the South Farmingdale Water District learned the hard way that elected officials are now being held to account for their actions.

Here is Saladino's Campaign piece:

And here is the taxpayer funded piece he was handing out too...



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