Sunday, November 02, 2008

Stay Classy, Massapequa Republicans!

I came home last night to a little vandalism. When I left my house in the aftrenoon, I had two Kristen McElroy for Senate signs on my front lawn. When I returned, the signs were ripped up and shoved under the windshield wipers of my wifes car.
Now I have had signs stolen in the past. That seems to be the thing nassau republicans like to do. It's hard to figure out why a name on a sign freaks them out so much. Why are they so scared to see McElroy's name on a sign?
Were these fervent Hannon supporters or just Democrat haters?
Previous thefts from my property tended to be a complete disappearance of the signs. This time however the anger and violence of the ripping of the signs and then what could be be described as an attempt at intimidation by jamming the signs under the windshield wipers makes me think it's at a new level. And my kids asked "why are your signs ripped up on mommy's car?"
I have a replacement sign on the side since I figured the cowardly republicans would go after my signs again.
So keep stealing signs you frightened little republicans, we are going to win elections anyway.




Anonymous said...

Nice. So you rip up your own signs and then stick them under your windshield, and then take pictures and post them. Maybe your regular readers are dumb enough to fall for this, but those of us with brains know your lame propaganda trick.

J said...

Wrong answer.
Don't need a "propaganda trick" when neighbors saw the signs before and after.
Why don't you be brave and post under your own name "anonymous"?

James said...

Nice try, that was REALLY fake.

J said...

sorry "james" but neighbors saw a car pull up and the signs being ripped up. I don't need to fake what the republicans do in real life.