Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Love or Trust for Mondello or Skelos from Republicans

From Urban Elephants
"Mondello Blames The Voters For GOP Deficiencies
....Third, Mondello could look at his own county.
Tom Suozzi. We're all being upstaged, effectively, by Tom Suozzi -- who is doing a better job as a fiscal (and social) conservative than most Republicans.
And he's winning.
News Copy ( had its own commentary on the Daily News story by Liz Benjamin on an e-mail blast circulated by Chairman Mondello.
The State GOP chairman did not call voters "deluded" but he did blame them.
Finally, Republicans have to stop blaming everyone but themselves."
The State of GOP and other thoughts
"... The New York State GOP needs to elect a new chair. The State needs someone who can steer the Party to principles that combine the conservative and small government principles of Ronald Reagan, as well as maintaining a degree of progressive ideas that Teddy Roosevelt championed. The new chair should lead the party, from all branches of government, in a direction that distinguishes us from Democrats. I don’t know much about Chairman Mondello, but he may be part of the Party’s problem. He’s from a county that was once a GOP stronghold (Nassau) and is now in Democrat control. That means everything Republicans have been doing in that county has been wrong. To have a State Chair from that county is simply ridiculous.
...Senator Dean Skelos sounded somewhat promising when I read a bio on him in the paper. Since he’s been leader, he has not impressed me. He’s also from Nassau County, which means he is the wrong choice to lead the Senate Republicans. I read today that he’s dangling money to Democrats to switch their party affiliation just to put the GOP back in control. If control means more of the same from the GOP Senate, the Democrats should wisely reject his offer. We need a leader who wants to put the party in a new direction, not prolong the agony of a dying breed of Republicans."

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