Thursday, November 06, 2008

How Real is This? "Open Letter to Nassau G.O.P. Executive Committee "

The bit about using the Nassau County Young Republicans sounds like what NCYR president Canzoneri wrote last month “The Nassau GOP needs a new direction and implement new strategies. We can no longer stand idle as we have done for over the past ten years. The YRs have been actively seeking new members since we were reformed in 2001, but we can’t do this alone.
“We need to use more than just WD-40 on this once powerful Republican machine. We need to get some replacement parts.”
I wonder who is running this "committee."
Personally, I am happy that Joe Mondello is party boss and I hope he continues for years to come.

November 7, 2008

Dear Friend:
We have all watched the once great Republican Party in Nassau deteriorate over the past decade under the tenure of Chairman Joseph Mondello. We have all heard the empty excuses that have come out of Post Avenue regarding the reasons for the failures of the organization to be competitive in recent years. As a leader in the Republican Party, you have a fiduciary duty to the Party to act to bring about the change that is needed to give the Nassau Republican Party a fighting chance to attempt to regain credibility, attract new voters to our cause and achieve success in the future.

The excuses that we hear after every losing cycle are disturbing. The same old excuses, reported in the local newspapers after this year’s utter failure, should compel you to action, on behalf of your Party.

Mr. Mondello is responsible for carrying out many important matters on behalf of the Republican Party. However, his inability to lead our party invariably has resulted in failure.

For example, Mr. Mondello’s failure to employ new strategies, develop an attractive message or counter Democrat voter registration efforts have allowed the Democrat party to overtake Republican enrollment in the County for the first time in decades and perhaps longer. This is despite the very public, ongoing and long-standing efforts by the Democrat party to enroll tens of thousands of new voters. In addition, his failure to support and grow the Young Republican organization, once a farm system for future Republican leaders and candidates, has caused the Party difficulty in attracting this important segment of our County. The failure to reach out to Latino voters, and other minority groups and their voters, has caused our Party to surrender the support of those voters to the opposition.

As a sign of the failure of leadership, despite his long-held public stance against judicial cross-endorsement, he has been forced to give Party endorsement to Democrat and minor party judicial candidates in exchange for endorsement of a few Republican judicial candidates, in efforts to save at least some of our Republican judicial candidates from suffering the fate of most of our judicial candidates: defeat. The Party should never be in a position of endorsing candidates who do not adhere to important elements of our Party’s philosophy.

The Republican Committee has failed to expend sufficient resources to wage aggressive and successful campaigns in many races. Many Republican candidates have been forced to assume many of the fiscal and operational responsibilities without adequate Party support or the level of support that the Party once provided. In effect, once nominated, many of our Party’s candidates are left to their own devices to sink or swim.

Mr. Mondello’s complete lack of responsiveness to the executive committee, his failure to adjust our Party’s message and approach to changing times and demographics, and his general failure of leadership, have made it clear that he can no longer effectively function as the Chairman of the Nassau County Republican Committee. If we want the Republican Party in Nassau to survive and be competitive again (and hopefully be successful in the future), a change in leadership must occur soon.

I hope you agree that the future of the Nassau County Republican Party depends upon the selection of a new, dynamic and energetic leader. As one of our party’s fiduciaries, you must act to bring about the new leadership that the Party desperately needs.



Anonymous said...

mondello needed to go when gulotta left. but he stays for the money and cant afford to leave his profitable position... it is about time they go away,lose votes etc.. :)

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Mondello's an old hack who's merely hanging on to make a buck off the republican party. Some guys just don't know when to fall down. We need someone who's capable and wihout a personal agenda to lead the state party. But who? Faso is a nice guy but a very weak individual when it comes to challenging the status quo. Ed Cox is a politically ignorant blue blood who likes to hear himself talk. Brendan Quinn has lost race after race and no longer has credibility in the party. Rudy would love to put Tony Carbonetti in charge of the state party, but that puts us in the same position that we were in with Powers and Treadwell - it's all about the Governor's race, and damn all the other races.

The only one I see as capable and willing to rebuild the NYS republican party is Pete King. I would love to see him leave the Congress to take the State Chair position. He'll probably be out in 2010 anyway. He's a real republican who believes. He can do a lot more good as the NYS Republican chair than he can do as the ranking member of the Homeland Security Committee. That's just the reality.