Friday, November 07, 2008

Venditto in Denial or Half in the Bag

The Scene: GOP Election Night HQ
When: umm... Election Night
Who: Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor John VendittoPhotobucket

News12's election blog Island Vote '08 had reporters out at locations around the Island. With video camera's in hand, they captured different moments of election night.
Below is the video of an interview with John Venditto. The question was how the party fared this year and he launches into a defense of the Nassau County republican party. I'm not sure if he knew what he was saying because it is far removed from reality"...I am really proud to be a Nassau County republican. You know for the past several election cycles, it's no secret..uh.. the republican organization on a nationwide basis, has been beset by many problems. yet through it all.. all of those election cycles, the Nassau County Republican Committee hasn't given any ground."

Umm.... John... you kind of forgot that last year Democrat Craig Johnson won a State Senate seat once held by a republican. And maybe you forgot Democrat Kathleen Rice beat republican DA Dennis Dillon. Or how about Harvey Levinson beating Charlie O'Shea for Assessor and Democrat Howard Weitzman beat Fred Parola for Comptroller. And then there's Dave Mejias who took a republican legislature seat and of course there is the Democrats controlling the Nassau Legislature and County Executive Tom Suozzi.
Since 1999, the republicans have been losing ground in Nassau County practically every year.

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Anonymous said...

looks like he had a bit to much to drink.... hic-cup!! :)
actually he seems like that at the town board meetings as well... :o