Monday, November 10, 2008

Ethics, Schmethics. Peter Schmitt Won't Cooperate

From Newsday's Spincycle
"The Ethics Board recently wrote Nassau Minority Leader Peter Schmitt (in Hofstra Chronicle photo) to say it was dropping an investigation into his alleged misuse of county employees and equipment after the Massapequa Republican refused to cooperate.

Legis. David Mejias (D-Farmingdale) had complained that Schmitt’s staff photographer allegedly took photos of Democratic lawmakers during a legislative session and then used them Republican attack ads.

If Mejias’ allegations were true, Schmitt misused county resources, the board wrote. However, “the board has determined that it does not have the resources or information to draw definitive conclusions,” it said, while scolding Schmitt for his “disregard for the ethics investigatory process.”

Schmitt denied that he was not responsive. “My staff and I corresponded with your office several times..” he wrote back.“I remained available to answer legitimate questions."

Said Mejias: "An ethical person would come forward and say, 'Tell me what you need.'"

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