Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Close the New York State Budget Gap by Cutting Leadership Stipends

Skelos and his fellow legislators will most likely propose ideas that will result in taxpayers and state employees being affected somehow. You really never see the legislators do some belt-tightening or sacrifice themselves.
How about all state legislators forgo their leadership stipends until the economic down-turn is over?
Just about every single member gets extra money for either being a chairman or ranking member on a committee.
As Majority Leader, Skelos gets an additional $41,500 on top of his $79,000 salary. Minority Ranking Members on committees get an additional $9000.
Committtee Chairman get an additional $12,500 - $34,000.
Add up all the stipends from both houses and that's a savings of over $2million.
It's time the people who pass the bloated budgets sacrifice a little.
Will Skelos step up to the plate to save school funding by giving up his leadership stipend?
I'm not holding my breath.

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