Wednesday, February 13, 2008

South Farmingdale Water District Lawsuit Settlement

Back in December, we broke the story of the South Farmingdale Water District using an official taxpayer-funded newsletter as a re-election campaign mailing for Commissioner Kurt Ludwig.
We have a cop of the settlement to the lawsuit initiated by challenger Craig Heller. And it is kinda disturbing.
John Hirt, Ralph Atoria, and Kurt Ludwig have to pay $333.33 back to the district and the Water District cannot send out a mailing/newsletter profiling a commissioner 60 days prior to the election.
The weird thing is that they agree to pay back money to the district, agree to a rule about the newsletters but Ludwig, Hirt and Atoria "do not admit to any wrongdoing or legal liability."
So they are guilty but don't admit guilt.
Here is my problem besides cheating in an election.... the three commissioners who should resign are paying $1000 between them. The mailing cost about 7 times that. Ludwig got off easy. That isn't right. Now he can continue to go on taxpayer funded, paid golf trips.
The question to ask now is was Ludwig getting paid by his job with the Town of Oyster Bay while he was on this paid golf outing.

Here is the Stipulation of Settlement. Click to see larger version.


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