Friday, November 14, 2008

NYC Republicans Call for Mondello Ouster as State Chairman

From Urban Elephants..
"Joe Mondello, resign now!
Actually, he should have resigned after whatshername lost her race to replace Mike Balboni in Nassau County. What happened to Balboni? He went to work for the now and forever disgraced Eliot Spitzer in "Homeland Security" (whatever that is) and gave up his seat. I don't know what he is doing now and don't care. In Queens we are down to one state senator despite being told that "we have more Republicans than in who knows how many counties". How did this happen? You may recall that we used to have three city councilmen and managed to lose two of those races about four years ago. Now we have lost our last city council seat in the Middle Village area - and lost big. The time will come when Senator Padavan will either retire or lose. Hopefully, he is grooming somebody to succeed him. And yes, we once had an assemblyman in Queens named Prescott. No more. And then there were none. And the county chairman and his cronies should consider stepping down also. I don't want to go into the scandals but it is very, very sad. I know some people did work very hard but it fell short."

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