Monday, June 09, 2008

That Was No Boating Accident - Ludwigs Departure from South Farmingdale Water District

Kurt Ludwig has a had a rough time. Sure he won re-election as Water Commissioner for the South Farmingdale Water Dsitrict but getting there wasn't easy. Opponent Craig Heller put up a heck of a fight and then Ludwig and the other two commissioners got busted for using taxpayers money for a campiagn mailing. Ludwig and his buddies had to pay back the District by court order.
On top of that, Ludwig got caught up in the Newsday series on Special District perks that raises more questions about Ludwigs integrity.
So last month Ludwig silently resigns. I called and there was no real reason given.
Newsday picks up on the story and gets this "Len Constantinopoli, business manager for the water district, said yesterday Ludwig wanted to spend more time with his family and resigned about three weeks ago."
Ludwig of course would not return phone calls.

I asked a few questions in my last post about this that will be answered in the near future "Ludwig is an executive board member of the North Massapequa Republican Club and works for Supervisor John Venditto. The position with the Water District for a young up and comer was a natural. When a Town Board seat opens up, Ludwig can slide right in claiming the Water District as experience.
He was clearly being set up for bigger things.
Did the newsletter issue taint his prospects? It's tough to run with a court ruling against you.
If he was 86'd so Venditto can appoint someone else with better prospects, what does Ludwig get?
Will Ludwig get a higher position and more money from the Town of Oyster Bay?"

More to come I'm sure....

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