Monday, June 30, 2008

A Reader Knows What to Do in Hicksville More than Venditto Does

From the e-mail in box.

"Hicksville needs what Mineola has…an intermodal transportation center. Instead of rebuilding the Hicksville parking garage where it presently stands, the Town of Oyster Bay and John Venditto should partner with the LIRR to build a large parking garage that includes areas for taxis, busses and small shops that is much closer to the train station. The private lots to the south of the Hicksville train station are a drain on the community both aesthetically and commercially. A red brick building that consolidates all of the transportation modes and improves the aesthetic of the community would do wonders for redefining the downtown Hicksville area.

Studies have been conducted since the late 60's and community input has been gathered for nearly 50 years in an effort to make Hicksville a thriving community again. John Venditto owes it to the residents of Hicksville to move the current Town parking garage closer to the train station and spark the redevelopment of the Hicksville area. Rebuilding the current Town garage is both intellectually lazy and perpetuates the problems that exist with the current zoning of the Hicksville downtown triangle. This is a unique opportunity to improve the lives of those living in Hicksville and those who regularly use the LIRR train station."

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