Friday, May 30, 2008

What Happend to South Farmingdale Water Commissioner Kurt Ludwig?

Six months after winning election to the South Farmingdale Water District (he was appointed a year before that) Kurt Ludwig has resigned as Commissioner.
No notice on the website or in the mailed newsletter. His name just disappeared. When asked, the person who answered the phone at the main office said he resigned within the last month. Why? She didn't know.
You might remember the story we broke here about Ludwig using the taxpayer funded Newsletter as a campaign mailing. Although he and the other commissioners claimed they did nothing wrong, they still had to pay the district $1000 as a reimbursement.
Ludwig is an executive board member of the North Massapequa Republican Club and works for Supervisor John Venditto. The position with the Water District for a young up and comer was a natural. When a Town Board seat opens up, Ludwig can slide right in claiming the Water District as experience.
Why would he resign?
He was clearly being set up for bigger things.
Did the newsletter issue taint his prospects? It's tough to run with a court ruling against you.
If he was 86'd so Venditto can appoint someone else with better prospects, what does Ludwig get?
Will Ludwig get a higher position and more money from the Town of Oyster Bay?
And who gets the job as Commissioner? The position is filled by appointment to run out the rest of Ludwigs term.
I also wonder why the resignation was not announced or at least mentioned on the District website. One day Ludwig gets praised as he did in the campaign mailing "It would be an understatement to say that Kurt Ludwig, SFWD Water Commissioner, hit the ground running during his first year in office. To us, it’s more like he crossed the finish line in first place! By every standard, Kurt has proven himself to be the right man for the right job, and an excellent asset to our organization, now and into the future.
Congratulations Kurt, on a great first year. We wish you many more!" and the next day he is gone.

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Anonymous said...

Newsday picked up your story----the comment of the Water Commission was that Ludwig wanted to spend more time with his family. Sounds like a forced resignation to me.