Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bloomberg and Pataki Looking to Oust Mondello from State Chair

The New York Sun reports that NYC Mayor Bloomberg and former Governor Pataki want to replace State boss Joe Mondello with soon-to-be-former Rep. Tom Reynolds.
"Along with Governor Pataki, Mr. Bloomberg is attempting to oust the current chairman, Joseph Mondello, 70, who has led the weakened state party for a year and a half from his perch in Nassau County. They want to replace him with Mr. Reynolds, 57, who is retiring from the Buffalo-area seat that he has held since 1999, according to sources. The congressman is said to be weighing his options."
"A spokesman for Mr. Mondello said the chairman has been assured by Mr. Reynolds that he's not eyeing Mr. Mondello's job. "As far as we understand, Congressman Reynolds has indicated he is not interested in the position, and we take him at his word," the spokesman, Anthony Santino, said."
"Republicans have lost two Senate seats under Mr. Mondello's watch, losing a special election last year in a Nassau district and another special election this year in a district with overwhelmingly Republican enrollment.
Messrs. Pataki and Mondello have had a strained relationship for years, dating back to when the former governor ousted him from a long-held post as a National Republican Committeeman."
"Critics of Mr. Mondello say the party apparatus has atrophied under his leadership. They fault him for spending most of his time in Nassau and for not beating the drums on issues that could energize Republican voters."

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