Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cheney Takes Wind Out of Fuschillo Gas Tax Holiday Proposal

Chuck Fuschillo co-sponsered legislation in the State Senate for a "Gas Tax Holiday." Smart people know its a bad idea that really won't help in the long run. Fuschillo tries to play off the "Gas Tax Holiday" as good for consumers because "Lowering the cost of doing business in New York State will lead to lower prices across the state.” Prices won't go down just because of a NYS gas tax cut. Goods are shipped from around the country which means costs will still be shifted to the consumer.
The simple fact is that economists are saying the same thing. The "Gas tax Holiday" idea is a bad one.
VP Cheney doesn't believe it's a good idea either "
I think it's a false notion, in the sense that you're not going to have much of an impact, given the size of the gasoline tax on the total cost of the gallon of gas," Cheney said when asked about the matter during a luncheon appearance. "You might buy a little bit of relief there, but it's minimal."

Fuschillo and to a lesser extent Nassau Legislator Peter Schmitt are pushing a "feel good" piece of legislation that tries to fool voters into believing that these ill-informed politicians actually care.

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