Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Albany Project Ranks Nassau Senate Campaigns Week Two

Robert Harding from The Albany Project calls the Skelos re-election race against Democrat Roy Simon one to watch. "SD-9: Dean Skelos (R) versus Roy Simon (D)
Simon brings a lot to the table. I will have more on him in the very near future. This could be a surprise race. Stay tuned."

Harding also place the Craig Johnson re-election as "Safe Democratic":
"Craig Johnson (D) versus Barbara Donno (R) (SD-7): Johnson received the Independence Party endorsement, beating out the Republican Donno. Donno has money on her side, but hardly anything else. Johnson also was backed by the WFP, which is an added boost in Johnson's first general election effort."


Anonymous said...

Considering Harding is an intern with TAP, you gotta take his rankings with a pound of salt. Trunzo, despite his age, has the advantage right now and could be classified as "Likely Republican" and can be revisited after the Dem primary. Dahroug has been raising money left and right and Foley's late the dance - I'm not saying Dahroug is going to win but let's be honest, with the time frame of the primaries, Foley has to concentrate on Dahroug from now until September and then has less than 2 months to focus on Trunzo, who all the while is reminding voters of his hard work over the past few decades...

J said...

I wouldn't underestimate Robert harding. he knows his politics.
Trunzo is ripe to be defeated. The republican senate campaign commitee doesn't have alot of money to spread around because there are too many close races for them. Padavan and Maltese in Queens need as much cash as they can get. I'm guessing that beating Craig Johnson is off the table so they are saving money on Donno.