Sunday, June 22, 2008

No Confidence in Town of Oyster Bay Governent

A letter in Newsday about the Hicksville Garage....

"When cars fly in Hicksville

I read with interest your story how the Town of Oyster Bay plans to tear down the aged parking garage near the Hicksville Long Island Rail Road station where 1,400 cars parked daily ["Rail garage can't be fixed," News, June 13].

This is the same group who, for years, could not find a contractor to repair the structure.

They are also the same group that issued resident parking stickers this year that go in your back car window but can't be seen in most cars due to the dark window tinting.

They say we can now park in Sears and take a cab.

I hope the new garage has a landing pad for flying cars because it will be completed in about 30 years.

I will let my grandchildren know.

Gene Towba

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