Saturday, June 14, 2008


The Working Families Party has suprised me a second time by once again endorsing republican Joe Saladino over a qualified Democrat. First it was Craig Heller that didn't get the nod 2 years ago.. and there was internal WFP wrangling over that.
Now Keith Scalia, a union member and teacher gets passed over for Saladino this year.
Saladino is not a friend of workers. Heck, he hasn't worked in the private sector at a real job in a couple of decades.
There are board members who did not want to give Saladino the endorsement but they were over-ruled.
Now the question is "Why?"

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Anonymous said...

I heard Joey was being endorsed by the Patronage Families party, they're about 100 members (at least) of them in the 12th District