Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Skelos Ascending and Descending

State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno is stepping down from his post and not seeking re-election in November. Skelos who is the Deputy Majority Leader is going to be replacing Bruno. That is of course until the elections when Dean will most likely be the Minority Leader.
Bruno is smart to get out now before the coming storm in November. Skelos will be the leader of the Senate Republicans as they most likely lose their majority.
After a loss of the majority, expect the long knives to come out and Skelos gets replaced by Sen. Thomas Libous, of Binghamton who really wanted the top spot.
Skelos was crowing earlier this year that he will defeat Sen Craig Johnson. That ain't happening and now Bruno's seat is an open election where the Democrat Brian Premo is working hard to win.
Skelos is left in a bad place for someone who helped engineer the ouster of fellow Long Island republican Senate majority Leader Ralph Marino 14 years ago.


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Anonymous said...

I think that now that Skelos is majority leader, he is better able to steer funding and represent the region. This would encourage old-timers like Senators Trunzo and Owen Johnson to run again. It would encourage the voters of the 7th to elect a Republican to replace Craig Johnson, because then Skelos would help out that district more. Skelos will make his presence felt in the region.