Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where Does Massapequa School Board Candidate Gary Bennett Live?

School Board elections are supposed to be non-partisan but in the last election and this one, a local elected official is pushing a candidate.
I was sent a link to a site called that provided some interesting information on one of the candidates this year.
Candidate Gary Bennett who has had an interesting back and forth in the letters section of the Massapequa Post has questionable residency and a problem with the truth.
In a flyer distributed in the district, Bennett claims to have been promoted to the position of "Sheriff Investigator." According to a FOIL by the website, there is no such thing as "Sheriff Investigator." And the FOIL shows Bennett is not being truthful about other claims.
More interesting and something that means Bennett shouldn't even be on the ballot is an article from the May 29, 2007 Fire Island News. In that issue, Bennett is a candidate for Ocean Beach Village Board of Trustees "Gary Bennett is another candidate hoping to add diversity to the five member Board of Trustees. Bennett has been a lifetime visitor of Ocean Beach and has recently established his primary residency in the village.

“When you are living here and spending more time here you get a feel for the village and the people,” Bennett said. “I’ve come to love it very much.”

So last year, Bennett changed his primary residence to Ocean Beach so he could run for office. After he lost, Bennett says "I may be the bid looser, but I don't feel like one,” said Bennett at a Board of Trustees meeting the morning after the election. “This election has been a great testament to our Village.”

So now Bennett is a candidate for Massapequa School Board and tells the Massapequan Observer that "The public is being misled by these administrators who are only too glad to take advantage of an ill-informed public and fill their already overloaded pockets."

Who is "misleading " Mr. Bennett?
Why can't you tell the truth about your resume?
Are you a legal resident of Massapeqa, the Town of Oyster Bay and Nassau County?

The Massapequa School District will have a real problem with someone like Bennett on the board.


Anonymous said...

Who writes your garbage?????

Anonymous said...

Who writes your garbage??????