Friday, May 30, 2008

Control of State Senate May Lie in NYC Special Election

A Special Election to fill the seat of disgraced Republican Dennis Gallagher has a role in the fight for control of the New York State Senate. The 30th Council District covering Middle Village, Maspeth, Ridgewood and Glendale has been in republican hands since the map was re-drawn years ago. The District sits in the very heart of endangered republican State Senator Serf Maltese's district. A win for Democrat Elizabeth Crowley against republican Anthony "Baby Face" Como would seal the deal for the 15th SD.
Como is Maltese's guy and is going to bat for him in this election. Como has a prominent sign on Maltese's campaign office.
Maltese won re-election last time to a complete unknown by about only 850 votes. This year Skelos has said he is willing to commit alot of money to keep Maltese in the senate. Heck, Skelos is giving Maltese $2.441 Million in Members Item funds to campaign with. That's right, your tax dollars are being used as a campaign slush fund to save Maltese's keester.

Maltese is high on the Democrats hit-list this november and a Council seat win for a Democrat in the heart of Maltese's district, defeating his wanna-be successor Como spells the end of Maltese and Skelos gets to be Minority Leader in the State Senate.


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