Friday, May 30, 2008

Somebody Get Dean Skelos a WHAAAAAAAAmulance; or a Fact Checker

Newsday's Spincycle catches Skelos getting it all wrong. Skelos whines "There’s no question that Newsday dominates... To get a story out, you need to get it in Newsday,” and that has become harder with the newspaper’s cutbacks, he said."

Spincycle goes on to point out that "Actually, Skelos' name has appeared 182 times in Newsday in the past year -- and in a neighboring district, Sen. Kemp Hannon (R-Garden City) has appeared 71 times."


So that's an average of 3 times a week for Skelos and one for Hannon.
Must be real tough on them.
Of course Skelos is an expert photo-op guy so his face is in the weekly locals all the time multiple times.
Who is Skelos trying to kid?

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