Sunday, December 16, 2007

South Farmingdale Water District Commissioners Soaking Taxpayers

Clever headline, no?
It seems that newly re-elected commissioner Kurt Ludwig who had the N. Massapequa Republican Club organization make a huge effort to get out the vote plays golf and charges the taxpayer for the privilege.
According to a report in Newsday, "On a sunny autumn morning last September, a number of water district commissioners, superintendents, engineers and others gathered for a breakfast meeting followed by several hours of golf at the Timber Point Golf Course in Great River.

A Newsday reporter and photographer observed the gathering, which by all appearances had no official agenda or purpose, other than to play golf. The players appeared convivial and relaxed -- at least five players who hit their balls into the rough picked them up and threw them back on the fairway.

Because the meeting was hosted by the Long Island Water Conference, a professional group of water suppliers, some of the representatives from the water districts playing golf also got paid for the day, records show. The outing was not listed in the group's schedule of monthly meetings."

South Farmingdale Water Commissioners John Hirt and Kurt Ludwig charged their district $100 per diem for attending the golf outing. Ludwig and Hirt declined to comment for this story."

Interesting that Ludwig ran under the banner of "Integrity." Not much "integrity" can be seen from Ludwig.

The question that needs to be answered now is what exactly was Ludwig who works full time for the Town of Oyster Bay doing at a golf outing on THURSDAY September 13, 2007.
Was Ludwig being paid by the taxpayers of Oyster Bay AND put in a per diem forom the water district taxpayers for playing golf on a weekday?
That's a double-dip on the taxpayers dime.


Getalife said...

Get over it man. Heller lost its over. Plus, since obviously you don't have a real job, you wouldn't know that a large amount of business meetings happen on the golf course. If he's talking work who cares if he's golfing. And before you make accusations that the guy was golfing on his TOB time maybe you should confirm if he took a day off or not. Get a life and stop reiterating Newsday's liberal bias.

J said...

1) The election is over but the issues are still there.
2) I obviously do have a "real" job, not a political hack job.
3) Ummm.... since this is taxpayer money we are talking about, the meetings should be real meetings. No pay tyo play golf. Sorry.
4) Ludwig can talk about the water district in scheduled meetings. In an office or meeting room.
5) Don't worry, a look into "meeting" times and dates vs. Ludwigs job with TOBAY is under way.
6) There is no bias in the simple fact that special disticts are taking advantage of their low profile. There is no bias in reporting abuse of taxpayer money.