Friday, May 30, 2008

Donno (SD-7) was President of Manhasset School Board: Comptroller Audit Finds Lots of Problems

The scandals rocking Long Island School Districts expose the lack of oversight and financial controls that our tax dollars deserve. Donno was president of the Manhasset School Board and this has been cited by her and recently by Conservative Party boss Roger Bogsted as a positive for Donno. Reading the Comptrollers report doesn't make being on the Manhasset School Board, much less President a good thing.
To quote Donno "Above all else, I believe that taxpayers must receive value for their precious tax dollars."

And here is information from the Comptrollers Audit covering the years Donno was Board member and President.
"District officials did not ensure that capital assets are protected from loss by ensuring that the Board’s adopted Capital Assets Accounting Policy was strictly adhered to. We found numerous significant deficiencies in capital asset records. There was no comprehensive control account of capital assets maintained; District officials relied instead on their independent auditors to prepare a summary of them for reporting purposes. District assets were often not tagged as District property, the location of District assets could not be determined from available inventory records and disposed assets were still included in inventory records. We attempted to physically view 165 assets listed in the District’s capital asset tracking system. We found that 34 of the assets could not be located (including computers, cameras and other electronic equipment), nine assets did not have a school identification number affixed, five assets were found in a different location than listed and 14 items had identification numbers different than those included in the system. As a result, District officials had diminished control over disposable capital assets. The District also did not maintain any inventory records nor perform periodic physical counts for inventories of consumable items such as auto parts and cafeteria foods."

Wait, there's LOTS more...

"The District does not have any formal written policies and procedures prescribing day-to-day, month-end, and year-end procedures relating to: the assignment of duties (who inputs data and generates and/or reviews reports); specific reports that should be generated; the distribution of reports; the report approval process; and expected timeliness for completing tasks."

"Board policy requires that District checks in excess of $2,000 contain two signatures. We found 28 checks written throughout our audit period, totaling more than $321,000, without the required second signature. The release of District checks in excess of $2,000 without the required second signature overrides an intended control that more than one person view larger District disbursements."

"Bank reconciliations were not formally documented; they were simply recorded on adding machine tapes or not documented at all if the bank accounts had no outstanding checks."

Here is the summary of the report.

At best, there was lacksidasical oversight of taxpayers money. At worst, pure malfeasance.

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Villageofplandomemanorresident said...

Barbara Donno has not stood by her platform on which she was elected Mayor of The Village of Plandome Manor.Donno has created the most corrupt distasteful government this village has ever seen, it is very sad to me a life long resident.She has instructed village personal to harass law abiding well intentioned village residents to gain fines. She is trying to boost the coffers of our little village and use this to gain higher political office. She is unresponsive to her constitutes and does not even return phone calls in a village of 200.If you do speak to her she makes empty promises.
She has been so unpleasant to work with numerous honest hardworking elected residents and village employees have quit in frustration.There is no denying this fact. She ruined our school board using it as a platform for her own interests and those of her friends, just ask any current school board member the mess she created, they have been working years to undo her corrupt selfish actions.Read the comptrollers report about her school board work.We do not need her type corrupting the rest of NY, it is bad enough what she has done to the Manhasset School district and The Village of Plandome Manor. DO NOT VOTE FOR HER FOR STATE SENATE. I have never run for any elected position, nor intend to,I have no political agenda. I just want to warn others as to what she has done to us in Plandome Manor and Manhasset.