Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mondello, Schmitt and Patronage Jobs, Oh My!

Celeste Hadrick writes over at Newsday's Spin Cycle about Chairman Joe's bid to get his son-in law jobs.
"State and Nassau Republican Chairman Joseph Mondello denied any involvement in getting his son-in-law a job in 2005 at the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor, as reported here last week.
But Mondello acknowledged to Newsday that he did recommend son-in-law Christopher Ostuni to Peter Schmitt, the Nassau legislature’s minority leader, for the vacant position of minority counsel.
Ostuni, 31, started Feb. 8 for a salary of 107,000, officials said. His predecessor, Joseph Nocella, who earned $105,000, left Dec. 7.
“Peter was talking to me and asked if I knew any young bright lawyers that I thought could do the job. I absolutely recommended Chris,” Mondello said. “I like the kid. He’s a very fine lawyer.”
Mondello said his son-in-law, who declined comment, had been Lizza Construction’s in-house counsel after leaving the Waterfront Commission and before joining the county."

The best part is that Mondello got Minority Leader Peter Schmitt to give his son-in-law a County job with a $2,000 increase over the previous person.
This is the SAME EXACT Peter Schmitt who is bitching an moaning about increased spending in the County.
Then again, while he complains about increased spending, Schmitt wants to more than double his own salary.

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