Friday, February 15, 2008

Marcellino Takes the Side of Drug Dealers

Sometimes it's just really hard to believe the people elected by the voters, given an enormous responsibility to keep the state running well and provide needed services for their constituents would just be so stupid. Or maybe it's just out and out lying.
At some point - and I hope it is soon - voters will get sick and tired of the same old political hacks and toss them out.
Case in point: Senator Carl Marcellino.
Marcellino in a recent press release attacking Governor Spitzers budget bemoans the tax increases supposedly in the budget. Remember the "crack tax" which would be a fine on drug dealers? Marcellino adds that in to his attack on Spitzer "*Establishes a so-called "Crack Tax" on illegal drugs ($17 million)"
In other words, Marcellino is saying that taking illicit revenue from drug dealers IS WRONG!!!!!
Way to Go, Carl!
Take the side of drug dealers!

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