Monday, February 25, 2008

TOBAY Councilwoman Rose Walker Stumps for Upsate Senate Candidate and Says Dumb Things

Boss Joe Mondello is on the verge of losing the GOP Majority in the State Senate so he sends his army north to help witless Will Barclay keep the seat republican. This is the only way Dean-O and Chuckie keep leadership posts.

From Newsday "Republican activist Rose Marie Walker is spending the second weekend in a row handing out campaign brochures - more than 300 miles from her Hicksville home - in a special election for State Senate that could determine whether her party holds on to its last power base in state government.Walker is among a group of volunteers who traveled six hours by bus from Long Island to canvass for votes in the state's northwest corner. This time of year, frigid temperatures and piles of snow are a certainty here.But Walker is undeterred, seeing a GOP victory in Tuesday's election as shoring up the dwindling Republican majority in the Senate - which has championed the interests of Nassau and Suffolk counties over New York City. A poll last week showed the race as a dead heat, which is surprising given the district has never been held by a Democrat.
"It's very, very important for us to keep the Republican majority in the Senate because we don't have the majority in the Assembly and the governor is a Democrat," said Walker, an Oyster Bay Town council member. "The Senate Democrats, most are from the city ... They don't care about Long Island."

Walker wants divided government.
I guess then she advocates for divided government in Oyster Bay where the republicans control everything, right?

Nah, Probably not.
*Check out Walker comparing her constituents to nursery school students.
Then as all weak-minded republicans do, she plays the New York City card to little effect. I bet that her guy Will Barclay doesn't care about Long Island either. You see, he's from the North Country and they are fighting for the same money the Long Island republicans are fighting for.
Democrat Aubertine is already pointing out that Barclay may very well be beholding to Long Island at the expense of the North Country. Aubertine won't stand for that at all.
"I would just tell all our school officials to lock up the safe for the next few days, because the same people who have taken our school funding away for years are here to help Will Barclay," said Aubertine for State Senate campaign manager Cathy Calhoun. "These Long Islanders owe the Senate Republicans for the millions more they sent to their schools. Will Barclay wants to keep that spigot open and running. He should know that those millions came at the expense of our children, and that we aren't going to let it happen again."The article reports that the Long Island volunteer corps is in town as payback to the Republican Senate leadership, which has "championed the interests of Nassau and Suffolk counties." These interests included funneling more than $220 million in new school funding to Long Island schools last year. This funding came at the expense of rural and small city school districts in the 48th Senate District and across Upstate New York. "What we did, what the Republican senators did, was to drive aid to suburban school districts," Senator Dean Skelos, leader of Long Island's Senate Republican Delegation, gleefully told the New York Times in the weeks after last year's budget was passed.Skelos has also given the maximum allowable contribution to Will Barclay's campaign.Despite this strategy, the Newsday article quoted one "volunteer," Rose Marie Walker - an elected official in Nassau County, mother of a Long Island Assemblyman, and a card carrying member of Nassau County's infamous machine cynically stating that Long Islanders and residents in the 48th Senate District "share a common bond" and should "stick together." "The only common bond is that we're both paying taxes to support wealthy Long Island school districts," said Calhoun. "Central and Northern New York schools have been shortchanged for too long. Darrel Aubertine will fight to make sure we get our fair share."

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