Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Upstate Upset Puts Skelos One Step Closer to Obscurity

Boss Joe Mondello seems to have lost another one tonight with the victory of Democrat Darrel Albertine in the NYS Senate special election. According to our friends at The Albany Project, Aubertine beats Barclay handily on a very snowy day in a republican-leaning district.
Skelos and his party of do-nothings now have a one vote majority that rumors say might disappear before november with at least two republican state senators switching parties.
In the next couple of days you will be hearing Skelos and Fuschillo and Hannon and Marcellino whine on about how New York City will control everything when the Democrats take over the state senate. Don't believe the hype.... or rather the fear-mongering.
It's time for new blood in the state senate and we got some this time last year when Craig Johnson won his seat. In Nassau, we need to get rid of the self-serving and quite frankly historically under-performing state senators we have now.
We need a fair and equitable school funding formula in Albany. That is not going to happen with Skelos and crew. The plans put forth by Skelos and crew are going to do more damage to Long Island schools. In the next couple of days I will be posting my plans to right the ship in Albany. We need comprehensive top-down reform of a budget system that is failing all New Yorkers from the North Country to Montauk.
We need new leadership with new ideas unencumbered by petty politics and the only goal being re-election.
It's time to do great things.

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