Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Upstate Republicans Use Mondello Playbook - Attack New York City

Looks like Long Island republicans aren't the only ones that make NYC a scapegoat for their inability to do their jobs.
From the Bill Hammond at the NY Daily News (h/t Albany Project)
"The award for the slimiest campaign tactic of the year - so far, anyway - goes to the state Senate GOP.
Desperate to win a Feb. 26 special election in northern New York - and keep Republicans in power - Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno's forces are going negative.
And what red-meat issue are they using to inflame the people of the 48th Senate District, way, way upstate along the St. Lawrence River? Is it gun control? Abortion? Gay marriage?
Nope. They're playing the New York City card. They're accusing the Big Apple of draining away upstate's tax dollars.
And they're lying through their teeth.
The clumsy attack on behalf of GOP candidate Will Barclay took the form of a mock postcard mailed to voters last week. "Greetings from New York City!" it says on the front, above a photo of the Manhattan skyline. On the back is a message to the Democratic candidate, Darrel Aubertine, from his "friends" in the city who are "thrilled" he's running for Senate....."
"In fact, the opposite is true. That giant sucking sound you hear is New York City tax dollars rushing north to make life easier for folks in places like the 48th Senate District.
A 2004 study by the Center for Governmental Research (based in upstate Rochester, by the way) estimated that New York City taxpayers sent Albany about $11 billion a year more than they got back in state services. Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley were also net losers. Only upstate came out ahead.
It makes some sense that downstate, which has a strong economy, would shoulder most of the burden of state government. But state lawmakers take the redistribution thing too far, lavishing money on upstate while giving the city the shaft......"
"New Yorkers should remember those downstate-bashing postcards this fall, when GOP Sens. Frank Padavan and Serphin Maltese of Queens, Martin Golden of Brooklyn and Andrew Lanza of Staten Island come looking for votes."

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