Friday, February 22, 2008

More on the South Farmingdale Water District Lawsuit Settlement

From the Farmingdale Observer..

"The lawsuit was filed right before the election by challenger Craig Heller. Heller, a North Massapequa resident, is also a partner at Heller & Verdi law firm in East Meadow...."

"The purpose in the end of the lawsuit really was so that we can have this issue come to the floor and so it would show certain things are going on in the special districts," he [Heller] explained. "While I still believe that the cost to the taxpayer was significant, this would've taken a lot more legal work to get to that point. The point has been made."

"Counsel to the SFWD, Gregory Carman of Carman Callahan & Ingham, LLP in Farmingdale said, "with respect to the newsletter, the commissioners feel that the newsletter is an important and professional tool and should include information about policy and elected individuals who represent the district."

"The district is very enthusiastic about the quality and level of service it provides its residents and the credentials of those who serve as commissioners in the district," he added."

"Carman said the commissioners agreed to settle because "They recognize that lawsuits are expensive and while there is no admission of any wrongdoing, the commissioners decided to settle the matter to avoid costly litigation."

"Heller, during his campaign for commissioner, stated, "This is exactly the kind of waste and abuse that caused me to run this race in the first place. This special district believes that they can spend our taxpayer dollars however they please to satisfy their own interests. My opponent has allowed the taxpayer to pay for a campaign ad on his behalf. What makes this act even more blatant is that the water district normally issues two newsletters in a calendar year. This year they sent one out in spring 2007 and in October 2007 they sent out a fall edition. This newsletter is an extra edition, clearly done to attempt to re-elect my opponent."

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