Friday, December 07, 2007

Kate Murray Surprising Hire for Building Department Commissioner

After the last Commissioner for the Town of Hempstead was busted for renovating his house without permits just down the block from Supervisor Murray, Murray said there would be a "NATION-WIDE SEARCH" for a qualified candidate for the $109,000/year job.
After sixteen interviews, the most qualified candidate just happens to be:
What a freak'n suprise.
Congratulations John Rottkamp for getting job you probably knew you were getting anyway.

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The Community Alliance said...

Like Putin in Mother Russia, Kate "she who must be obeyed" Murray has 'em all fall into line. The party line. And the party is a rockin' in good ole Levittown, home to more Town of Hempstead commissioners and employees than there is tea in China.
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