Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ludwig Wins in South Farmingdale Water District

But the lawsuit about the misuse of taxpayer money for a campaign mailing goes before a judge tomorrow.
Heller comments in Newsday "Challenger Craig Heller, a Suozzi ally, conceded he had lost overwhelmingly in his bid to unseat incumbent Kurt Ludwig in the South Farmingdale Water District, but said some 1,100 voters turned out - relatively high for a special district.

"It showed we got word out that there was an election. We were successful in that," Heller said in an interview.
Heller said the relatively high turnout came despite the truncated voting hours in many districts. The two polling places in his district were open from 4 to 9 p.m., meaning people who traditionally vote in the morning might have been disenfranchised, he said."

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Anonymous said...

Once again Newsday and Nassau GOP Watch not in tune with Nassau County residents. Suozzi and Heller should be embarrassed that the high turnout was to make sure Heller didn't get in. This lawsuit is just sour grapes. Any non-partisan could see Heller went negative in an attempt to distract S. Farmingdale voters from his lack of knowledge on the issues. They weren't fooled.