Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More on South Farmingdale Water District

Letters to the Farmingdale Observer...

SFWD Newsletter Is Waste of Tax Money

I came home from work late last night to find a newsletter in my mailbox from my local water district, the South Farmingdale Water District. What a waste of tax money. Who do these guys think they are? I just received one of these not three weeks ago and I remember because it had the same picture of the water commissioners with Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto. I also happen to know that the election for water commissioner is next Tuesday, Dec. 11. I learned that from a gentleman handing out fliers the other day on behalf of one of the candidates, not from this newsletter. How can these guys get away with sending out a "political mailer" using taxpayer money right before an election and not even inform local residents that there is an election or where to vote on what day? What kind of corruption is this? I work two jobs to be able to afford my home and it's crooks like these that are the reason our taxes are so high. This mailing probably cost thousands to print in full glossy color and for postage. I could use my money back for the holidays or rent or just plain heating oil. I am outraged and I hope you will consider printing my letter so other residents know where their tax money is going. Thank you.

Carrie Frohling


I recently received the South Farmingdale Water District Newsletter. And I use the word newsletter loosely. It looked more like a piece of four-color campaign literature.

Generally speaking I don't agree with a lot of what Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi has to say, but on this issue of special taxing districts and 'mini-elections,' I have to say he is right.

These little elections that cause additional tax burdens on the residents of the Nassau County need to stop!

John Capobianco

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