Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Murray and the Gang Vote Themselves More Raises

$35,000 in increases over the last 3 years wasn't enough for Kate so she goes back for more...
"Town of Hempstead board members yesterday unanimously approved a total of $55,000 in raises for themselves and other elected officials but did not reach a decision on the fate of the much-criticized Courtesy Hotel after a seven-hour board meeting.

None of the about 200 residents in attendance commented on the resolution increasing the annual salaries of the town supervisor by $10,000; the tax receiver and town clerk by $7,500 each; and the six part-time board members by $5,000 each."

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The Community Alliance said...

"Are Town of Hempstead residents contented as cows, or simply cowering in the corner in fear of retribution? What has become of democracy in Hempstead Town?"

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