Tuesday, December 11, 2007

South Farmingdale Water District Still in the News

From columnist Ellis Henican "South Farmingdale Water District commissioner Kurt Ludwig getting water-boarded for sending out campaign brochures at taxpayer expense. But has anyone asked the obvious follow-up: Why the heck is South Farmingdale Water District commissioner an elected position anyway?"

And in Newsday's Spincycle "As we've said in this space, special-district elections are to politics what craps games, basement bazaars and cockfights are to the economy. Tomorrow comes a cluster of them, and as always, you're on your own trying to find out the where and when. One race with partisan overtones that has attracted interest is the battle in the South Farmingdale water district between incumbent Kurt Ludwig and challenger Craig Heller, who's been on the phone trying to get supporters to the two firehouses that are hosting the election. He's also gone to court fighting mailings made at taxpayer expense touting Ludwig, though a hearing on his show-cause order is not due until Wednesday."

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