Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Kate Murray Doesn't See Won't Bother Her

We have another gem from the Tea Murray website. No, that is not a typo, the website address is missing an "m."
Anyway, Kate and her Team list their "accomplishments" and one is "Recently, Kate enacted tough new laws to stop “McMansions” from destroying our neighborhoods."
Now if I didn't know better I would think that Eagle-eyed Kate finds the "McMansions" to be troublesome and unsightly.
I guess that only counts when the person with the "McMansion" isn't a republican commitee-man and a Town Employee.... who lives on Murray's block.
Remember disgraced Hempstead building commissioner John Loeffel who was busted for not having any permits for work done on his own house?

Here is Loeffel's house before he added a few small things.
And when I say a few small things I mean he blew out the back, but a second floor on, added an attic that looks like it can be a whole other house and built a front porch from which he sat upon a swing and waved to Kate as she passed by.

Here is the "After" photo.

Does this look like a normal building job that can go unnoticed?
The permits need to be posted in a visible area.
Didn't Murray see a definite lack of permits as the huge house was being built?

Murray told the Levittown Tribune "It is inexcusable. The building commissioner has to be held to a higher standard."
And the Supervisor who knows the Commissioner and lives on the same block ought to be more aware.

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Anonymous said...

I needed a good laugh at lunch today so I checked out the "Team Murray" website. The best part about the site are the pictures with the kids, lots of them. But when you look a little closer, IT'S THE SAME KIDS IN EVERY PICTURE!! Essentially, these children were used as props for her photo oppotunities. Shame on you Kate! Exploiting children for your political gain. Have you no conscience? What's the matter, you can't get regular kids to smile and be happy about your re-election?