Thursday, April 03, 2008

Skelos to Hold 'Virtual Town Hall Meeting'; Tightly Controlled of Course

This Friday the 4th, Skelos is holding a one hour 'Virtual Town Hall Meeting' through his website in a "chat-room style format" which means no video. The time chosen is soooooooo convenient for constituenets - 3pm-4pm. Because, you know, everyone is just kicking around the computer screen with time on their hands on a weekday from 3-4pm.
Is this your chance to ask Skelos important and tough questions? Nope.
There is ONE RULE and that says all questions will be screened.

Rules: This session will be moderated. All questions will be reviewed for content before being posted to the public. Every effort will be made to respond to as many questions as possible during the session. A transcript of the session will be available after the session ends.

No one is going slip in a question Dean-o isn't ready to respond to.

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