Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lee Zeldin: Dumb Ass

Yes, yes I know that Lee Zeldin is the Suffolk County republican candidate for congress against the great Congressman Tim Bishop and this is Nassau GOP Watch. It's just that when I read something that hurts my head so much, I need to get rid of it by telling someone else. If anyone was just not ready to run for Congress, it is Lee Zeldin. Here is a press release from Zeldin on April 14th that says
Candidate: Suffolk Breaks Ground Within 4 Years or I'll Resign...
"The endorsed Republican candidate for Long Island’s First Congressional District renewed his call on Congress to provide federal funding for a countywide sewer system necessary for Suffolk to adapt to the 21st Century...
"“My opponent is content with pointing fingers and only speaks in broad strokes about the general importance of infrastructure to our communities,” said Zeldin. “He’s had three terms to get us to where we need to be. We’re tired of waiting and if Suffolk doesn’t break ground on a countywide sewer system that addresses our needs within four years of taking office, I will not run for reelection.”

Now here is a blog post from his website on April 5th attacking congressional "pork" and his explaination to what "pork" is. "Earmarks are used to cater to donors, pander to voters, and buy votes on other Congressional proposals.We need more accountability and openness in our government. Simply, Congress must return to the system of authorization, appropriation and oversight. As Congressman Jeff Flake of Arizona said, earmarks are nothing more than a “transparent gimmick to ensure [Congress members’] own reelection.”Because of this, you can be assured that I will be a Congressional champion of a systemic earmark moratorium until the system is refined and more open to public scrutiny."

So he wants an earmark for Suffolk but opposes earmarks. Okay.

There is nothing wrong with county-wide sewer system which is being proposed by Democratic County Executive Levy but before Bishop can get money for the county, there HAS to be a real number based on a study that has yet to be done. To call Bishop on not getting money for a proposal that is still in its infancy and without specifics just shows how Zeldin is incredibly clueless... or rather he is just blowing smoke hoping voters buy his lies.
Zeldin attacks Bishop for not being specific on a non-specific proposal. In fact, the comments that Zeldin attacks Bishop on were BEFORE the "Sewer Summit" held by Levy and Suffolk business leaders. Bishop is ready to support an expansion of the Suffolk sewer system once a plan is in place.
Zeldin has no shame.


Anonymous said...

Wow you should learn the way Congress works before making statements like that, especially since you tout yourself as a Congressional candidate on Google.

A sewer project would falls under the jurisdiction of a Congressional grant, which already has money allocated in the budget as opposed to add-on earmark "pet projects" in which the budget is inflated for such measures.

Thanks for playing, better luck next time.

J said...

Oh I'm sorry Lee... or one of his lackey's
Earmarks can be for anything and a sewer systems dies not fall under a "jurisdiction" of a "grant." Do you even know what grant is and how to obtain one???
Google "Austinburg sewer project" and "Rep. Steven LaTourette." Maybe look up the $800,000 earmark Minnesota got for "rehabilitation of roadway with storm water sewer system construction." Look up lasts years budget and you'll find 33 earmarks for sewer construction/rehabilition.
You and/or Zeldin have no idea what the heck an earmark is do you????
No money is allocated to any project until it is requested and then there needs to be a real plan behind the request for money from the budget.
So basically the stupid attacks on Rep. Bishop make no sense whatsoever. But then again, just reading through Zeldins press releases, anyone can see he should have spent more time in school.

Anonymous said...

Bishop is my representitive. He hasn't done squat in the 3 terms he's been in office. Go back to college - please...

Anonymous said...

bishop is an ass

charley556 said...

"dumb ass bishop"

m. x. r. said...

Tim Bishop is an excellent congressman who has done a lot for NY and has been a good Democrat.

I hope he gets re-elected for a few more times.