Thursday, April 03, 2008

Long Island Eight Under Attack from Own Party Member

Skelos, Hannon et. al. did a victory lap last year when they got more money for Long Island schools. The problem is that there are some hard feelings from Upstate republicans. LOTS of hard feelings. Skelos and the gang like to play the "NYC is taking our money" card and now upstate legislators are playing the "Long Island is taking our money" card.
Capital Confidential has a mailing from Senator John Bonacic (R-Mt Hope.) which states "
For too long, a disproportionate share of education aid was being driven to Long Island and the City of New York at our expense.”

Bonacic is a buddy of Skelos. He has been trying to push Joe Bruno out as Majority Leader which you would think would benefit Skelos but Bonacic has his eye on the prize too. Bonacic is setting up Upstate support to throw Skelos under the bus. If Skelos is scene as "taking money from upstate" this budget go-round, his future in the leadership will be in question. Skelos is relying his fellow LI republicans to back him but with imminent losses of at least one more seat, the long knives will be out.

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