Monday, March 31, 2008

Campaign Finance: How Cheap Can Marcellino Be?

Over the next few months, Nassau GOP Watch will be going through the campaign finance contributions and expenditures of our state legislators.
Campaign Finance Laws in New York State are fairly weak with little over-sight. You'd think that many of the expenditures paid by a CAMPAIGN COMMITEE should not be paid by the campaign but they are. It may not be illegal but it sure does come close to an ethical line.
Today we start with a Mass Card.
A $10 Mass Card.
Marcellino paid for a $10 Mass Card from the Passionist Benefactors Society with his camaign fund in October 2007.
He couldn't just pay $10 from his own pocket?
How is a Mass Card part of a campaign?????

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Anonymous said...

While you are checking on payments for cars and gas by the various legislators and their campaign committees, you should look to see if these same legislators actually billed the Legislature for mileage reimbursement while using these same vehicles to and from Albany, under the mileage reimbursement program for legislators.

In my opinion this is the ultimate double-dip!